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Patrick Brewer Quoted in RIA Intel Practice Management Article

The piece, titled "The Client Testimonial Onslaught and ‘Powerful’ Organic Growth Coming," explores the implication and ramifications of the forthcoming arrival of testimonials in ads for financial advisors.

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Model FA Acquires Feedback Marketing Group

Model FA has joined forces with Dan Allison, Founder of the Feedback Marketing Group. Feedback Marketing Group will continue to operate under Model FA brand.

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Model FA Acquires Financial Advisors’ Alliance

Model FA announces the appointment of David DeCelle as the new president of the company. This news coincides with Model FA acquiring the Boston-based Financial Advisors’ Alliance, a training, coaching, and consulting company that DeCelle founded in 2018.

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How to Improve Your Financial Advisory Firm’s Marketing

If you’re a financial advisor, you may be facing challenges when it comes to marketing your business. There are many tools out there that promise to automate and simplify your marketing. But automation alone won’t solve your challenges. That’s because the advisory business requires a level of trust-building that just can’t be automated.

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Advice for Advisors Looking to Make a Fresh Start

About 27,000 advisors— almost 9% of the 310,000 in the industry—changed jobs last year, according to a Cerulli Associates study. Many RIAs are moving from large brokerage houses to boutique firms and launching independent shops. The survey says 45% of wirehouse and regional advisors have considered going independent.

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What’s the Best Way to Price Your Services?

How your firm prices its services is about more than just boosting profit margins. The right fee structure is vital to client satisfaction and your long-term success. Fees have always been a hot topic in this industry. However, with trading commissions getting slashed to zero, the rise of passive managers and price pressures across the board, many advisors are rethinking the way they price their services.

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The Immense Potential in Advisor Podcasting

Have you ever considered launching your own podcast, but stopped because you weren’t sure if it would be worth the time and the effort involved? Telling your story is essential for differentiating yourself and building a successful business. Social media, blogs, and email marketing are some of the ways to reach your audience.

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New Site Aims to Build Community for Independent Advisors

“The advisor community on the independent side is pretty dispersed. There’s not a good place to converse, interact and build relationships,” he said. “There’s no conflict of interest. Let’s create an environment where financial planners can get together and get better at their craft.”

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Brewer Consulting Launches Marketing Accelerator Service

On October 1, Brewer launched his Model FA Accelerator to help advisors accomplish their marketing goals in considerably less time than it would normally require. “At its core, Model FA Accelerator will be about selecting highly driven, smart advisors who are ready to put in the work, execute the plays and support each other … with highly effective practice management strategies [we provide],” Brewer said in an August 8, 2019, blog post.

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