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Benefits of Podcasting for Financial Advisors: From Bland to Brand

SUMMARY: Podcasting for financial advisors is an easy way to start building trust and credibility, expand reach, create personal connections, repurpose content, and stay top of mind with clients. By releasing regular episodes, advisors can remind their listeners of their expertise and the services they offer, and provide valuable insights and advice on a regular […]

03.13.23 | Graham Gardner | 0 Comments
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How to Use Client Segmentation to Increase Profitability

SUMMARY: Managing financial relationships takes a lot of planning. Figuring out how to serve both small and large clients requires careful thought. By focusing on client segmentation, you can strike a perfect balance of service that is right-sized for your clients — which can increase client satisfaction and long-term profitability. As financial advisors, we work […]

02.24.22 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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3 Steps to Conquering Information Overload and Taking Action

SUMMARY: Consuming content isn’t inherently harmful, but many advisors fall into the time-wasting trap of consuming content just for the sake of doing it. The solution is to develop a plan for maximizing the value each piece of content offers you — and taking action on the information you learn. Society produces more content than […]

08.26.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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How to Create an Amazing Team at Your Firm

SUMMARY: Most independent advisors reach a point where they have to hire team members to keep growing and avoid burnout, usually when they realize that they are spending too much time on tasks that aren’t their core service. By getting buy-in from your existing team and by asking the right questions of candidates, you can […]

08.06.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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3 Reasons Why Every Advisor Needs to Read Traction

SUMMARY: Growing a business beyond one advisor is a dream for many. And yet, when it finally happens, many advisors feel lost. Sustainability at a higher scale is elusive, and it’s easy to feel like you have put in all this hard work just to work even harder. This is why I believe that every […]

06.05.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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How to Humanize Your Practice Through Each Touchpoint and Follow-Up

SUMMARY: Humanizing your practice allows you to make deeper connections and build trust with prospects and clients. The simplest way to humanize your practice is to have great conversations with every person you encounter in the context of your work. Along with that, adding personal touches in follow-up can strengthen those bonds with your clients. […]

05.05.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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The Power of Gratitude

Summary: Working on your business all the time can stress you out and make you wonder, “Is this worth it?” When these thoughts cross your mind, it’s important to step back and tap into gratitude. That may sound like a counterintuitive move, but you would be amazed at how a simple gratitude practice can change […]

04.22.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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The Exponential Relationship System: How to Grow Rapidly through Strategic Relationship Development

Summary:  You can’t rely on automation for all your marketing, nor can you spread yourself across 100 clients. Automated messages and check-the-box touchpoints can make clients feel as though you don’t really care. Instead, focus on your top 10–15 relationships and actively nurture each one. Doing so will turn these people into raving fans that […]

04.08.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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How to Re-Energize Your COI Relationships

Summary:  Once upon a time, an advisor could add five accountants to a Rolodex and call it a COI strategy. That approach doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s growth-oriented advisor needs to diversify COIs and build real relationships with them. Doing so will help you establish a steady lead flow, deliver better service to your clients […]

03.24.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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How to Increase Firm Productivity by Leaning into Your Advisor DNA

Summary: Do you dread any aspects of running your business? Every advisor has a list of tasks that they would rather not do. The good news is that you can grow your practice by leaning into the activities you enjoy most. Learn how to increase firm productivity by leaning into your strong suit! What do […]

03.19.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments