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How to Get Clients as a Financial Advisor: 2020 Edition

Summary: Very few advisory educational curriculums address the important subject of how to get clients as a financial advisor. Therefore, prospecting becomes the dreaded duty standing between an advisor and his or her vision of a thriving, growing practice. There are many ways to fill the pipeline, ranging from the old-school cold-dialing game, to the […]

03.02.20 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments
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5 Reasons Why Financial Advisor Seminars Fail

Financial advisor seminars are major commitments of both time and money, but they can prove to be valuable business-building tools when executed properly. And yet, so many advisors struggle to pull off a successful seminar. In this article, we outline five common mistakes made in planning and executing a financial advisor seminar, and tips on […]

02.13.20 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments
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5 Financial Advisor Prospecting Ideas That Work in 2020

It seems like there are no “new” financial advisor prospecting ideas any more. It also seems like every prospecting method has a tribe of raving fans and a matching tribe of haters. Google any financial advisor prospecting method, and you will find reports that it works great — along with reports that it’s a fad/outdated/too […]

01.30.20 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments
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Best Practices for Financial Advisor Seminar Marketing

Summary: Financial advisor seminar marketing is an attractive mainstay of many marketing plans for advisory firms big and small. And, just as many other marketing methods that rely on advisor’s personal execution, seminar success depends on many variables. In this article, we walk through 9 best practices for financial advisor seminar marketing and offer several […]

01.14.20 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments
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From Launch to December: Model FA Top Blog Posts of 2019

Summary: As we enter 2020, now is a great time to look back at the summer when we launched The Model FA. Since then, we have published 32 blog posts, 18 episodes of The Model FA Podcast, and 31 videos!For those who have been with us from the very beginning, thank you! We are honored […]

01.02.20 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments
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Tips for Building an (Email) List of Financial Advisor Leads

Summary: Financial advisor leads are the lifeblood of a growing practice. The sales cycle for financial advice can be frustratingly long, especially for prospects who don’t have an immediate “pain” that must be fixed right away. So, lead capture and patient follow-up are critical. The good news is that advisors have access to a wide […]

11.26.19 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments
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Virtual Financial Advisor: Next Big Thing or Expensive Fad?

Summary: It’s easy to see the appeal of the virtual financial advisor business model. You get to work wherever you can put up a laptop and connect to the Internet. You can fill your practice with ideal prospects across the country, not just those who happen to live in your zip code. You can keep […]

11.12.19 | Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA | 0 Comments
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From Patrick Brewer: Top 9 Mistakes of 2019

Summary: As we enter the last quarter of 2019, Patrick Brewer does a postmortem analysis on the biggest mistakes and lessons learned from this year. 2019 wasn’t all about mistakes. We have launched a brand new business (Model FA). We’ve supported many advisors on their path to growth. We have added amazing professionals to our […]

10.03.19 | Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA | 0 Comments
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Top Financial Advisor Content Marketing Questions Answered in 280 Characters (or Less)

Executive Summary: Financial advisor content marketing is growing in importance, especially as old Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices fade away and become ineffective. Great content that speaks directly to the ideal client can help an advisor stand out, form relationships, and built trust — even before the first appointment. However, just publishing a few blog […]

09.26.19 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments
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How to Hire a Ghostwriter and Get a Great ROI: A Guide for Financial Advisors

Summary: Content marketing can be a powerful tool to connect financial advisors with their ideal prospects, build subject matter expert standing, and reach more people. Unfortunately, keeping up with content generation isn’t easy. There are too many demands on a financial advisor’s time, which pushes blog posts, white papers, and book ideas to the bottom […]

09.12.19 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments