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Thou Shalt Not Use Email Notifications!

Here’s a question for you. Between this morning and right now, how many times did your computer or phone chime at you to let you know you just got another email? Chances are, your number is somewhere around a dozen or more. Many advisors think that keeping those alerts turned on is no big deal. […]

07.25.19 | Chris Belfi | 0 Comments
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Financial Advisor Client Communication Tips from a Journalist

The idea for this article came to me in a place that’s quite removed from financial advisor client communication arena. I was recently at a speech and debate match in which my daughter was competing. In a lull, while we were waiting for the winners to be announced, I struck up a conversation with another […]

07.23.19 | Cameron Huddleston | 0 Comments
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One Lie that Can Sabotage Your Day

It happened again. Somehow, you forgot to return that one important phone call. Or maybe it was a report you needed to send out, but you didn’t. Whatever it was, it fell through the cracks. Now, you’re feeling overwhelmed, incompetent, and guilty as you try to clean up the mess. How did we get here? […]

07.19.19 | Chris Belfi | 0 Comments
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Financial Copywriting and the Curse of the Copycat

Finding your voice in an industry where every topic has been covered. I am blessed with amazing financial advisors who attend my monthly Financial Copywriting Office Hours. They are thoughtful, honest, and they ask great questions.  Here’s one question that an advisor asked recently. How can I get over the feeling that anything I write […]

07.16.19 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments
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Is Your To-Do List Killing You?

One tip to make your to-do list work for you — not against you What do you see when you look at your to-do list? Highly specific action steps — or vague ideas that make you want to bang your head on your desk instead of getting to work? What does a vague to-do list […]

06.26.19 | Chris Belfi | 0 Comments
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Beyond a Logo: Financial Advisor Branding that Resonates

Pulling back the curtain on brand identity Ask anyone to describe what makes strong financial advisor branding, and they’ll likely start with a list of the obvious. Logo, colors, fonts and a catchy motto or slogan … While all of these elements are certainly parts of a brand identity, in the grand scheme of things […]

06.22.19 | Eric Lee | 0 Comments
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One Tip to Improve Your Relationship with Paper Files

How one gadget under $50 can change your life Do you love to file? I don’t! Most people would rather let a mountain of paper take over their desk than take the time to file it away. Fortunately, you can make your papers easier work with. And in the process, your relationship with paper files might just go […]

06.22.19 | Chris Belfi | 0 Comments
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Do Clients Actually Care About Your Client Portal?

Why the answer is typically “No”… and how to turn it into a “Yes!” Technology spending for FinTech is on the rise. Among the many tools available to a typical advisor these days, client portals are at the top of the list. According to the 2018 Financial Planning Tech Survey, 80% of advisors offer an access […]

06.18.19 | Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA | 0 Comments
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An Optimal Client Service Model for Financial Advisors

Go beyond a traditional service calendar to impress clients by crafting an optimal client service model for financial advisors “So, you charge X. What is it that you DO to justify that fee?” OK, so maybe you don’t get asked this point-blank. But this question is probably in the back of mind for your prospects, […]

06.09.19 | Dominique Henderson | 0 Comments
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What Can Financial Advisors Learn from Hemingway?

2 Simple rules that will supercharge your writing Ernest Hemingway won a Pulitzer Prize for his book “The Old Man and the Sea.” He used a 4th grade vocabulary to write that book.  That’s right. An average 4th grader can understand every word in that book. And yet, it won a Pulitzer, the most coveted […]

06.07.19 | Natalia Autenrieth, CPA | 0 Comments