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Why Automation Is the Enemy of Financial Advisor Client Experience

One common mistake advisors make — and 3 ways to get it right With the recent explosion of FinTech, it seems that there is no limit to automation inside an advisory firm. Advisors are racing to streamline their workflows. If there’s an app to automate the financial advisor client experience, they must have it! What’s […]

05.16.19 | Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA | 0 Comments
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How Financial Advisors Can Prevent Commitment Overload

One simple tool that will empower you to say “No” with confidence Do you know that sinking feeling in your gut when you realize you’ve taken on too much? Maybe you said “yes” to something new, like coaching your son’s hockey team. Or perhaps you’ve agreed to take on another project at work when you […]

05.16.19 | Chris Belfi | 0 Comments
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Financial Advisors’ Guide to Social Media Images

5 Tips for scroll-stopping unique photos that connect with your audience So, you’re building a presence on a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. You may have heard of “lifestyle photos”, and how important it is to include them in your content strategy. If that’s the case, why is your feed still filled with […]

05.08.19 | Heather Ramirez | 0 Comments
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Building a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan That Works

Still think that a financial advisor marketing plan is just for the big firms? Think again! Running a financial advisory firm is hard. In the early years, it’s a hustle to find clients and pay the bills. Five to seven years into the practice, there are workflows to optimize, staff to hire and train, and […]

04.26.19 | Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA | 0 Comments
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Facebook Marketing for Financial Advisors: Facebook Live

Facebook marketing for financial advisors is the new frontier. Here are 5 tips that will help you rock your next Facebook Live (or host your first one)! There are more than two billion monthly active users on Facebook.   That’s just one of many eye-popping statistics about the popular platform, according to And business owners who are […]

04.24.19 | Bofta Yimam | 0 Comments
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The Most Important Aspect of Starting an RIA

Under $300K in revenue? Here’s what you need to know What do you get when you run a Google search for “starting an RIA”? You get over 3 million search results. That’s a ton of articles from industry news sites, consultants, and vendors that want to sell you the one perfect solution that you couldn’t […]

04.18.19 | Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA | 0 Comments
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4 Stages of Financial Advisor Client Relationships

Financial advisor client relationships are built on a foundation of deep trust. Here is a blueprint for strategic trust acceleration. How do you think about the people that you interact with as a financial advisor? Most advisors I know divide their world into two categories: prospective clients and actual clients.  That isn’t wrong — but in my […]

04.15.19 | Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA | 0 Comments
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Stop Old Emails from Stealing Your Awesomeness

Join our email count challenge! Let me open this with a personal question. How many e-mails in your inbox right now are more than two days old? When I first start working with some of my clients, the number we begin with is often well over a thousand. Many of those emails go back weeks, […]

04.04.19 | Chris Belfi | 0 Comments
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Facebook for Financial Advisors: 3 Myths, Debunked

Don’t let common advisor Facebook marketing mistakes burn through your budget! Every year, the world seems to get ever more anchored in technology and social media. The pressure is ramping up, and advisors are making an effort to become more “digitally available” to their prospects and clients. And yes, that includes trying to crack the […]

03.08.19 | Patrick Brewer, CFA, CPA | 0 Comments