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The Premiere Influencer Marketing and Coaching Platform for Independent Financial Advisors

Model FA was founded on a simple premise:

Financial Advisors have the power to improve client lives only if they can overcome the challenges in their own.

After growing tired of the status quo, our founder, Patrick Brewer, set out to transform the financial service industry. From the beginning we have believed that advisor-client relationships are at the core of financial advising. We carry that same mentality into the partnerships we build with our advisors.

Today we are the premiere source for financial advisor-centric influencer marketing, practice management tools, and performance coaching. You won’t find cookie cutter solutions here, but instead a refreshing take on an industry that desperately needs revolution.

We pride ourselves on unique, targeted approaches and techniques that actually work. Whether you are ready to launch a podcast or video marketing, need help establishing or reimagining your brand and website, or are looking for some strategic guidance to better yourself and your business, we can help.

Model FA empowers advisors to deliver advice on their own terms — and to spend more time doing what matters most.

Get clients. Grow your profits. Transform your business.

What is a Model FA?

  • Model FAs have a commitment to continually experiment, innovate, and adopt best practices in their business in order to grow.
  • Model FAs honor their role as stewards of their clients’ financial health and prosperity.
  • Model FAs strive to be the preeminent voice and authority for financial advice in their niche and communities.

What's your goal?

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The Model FA Podcast

The Model FA is a podcast for fiduciary financial advisors who are looking for ideas to help them build successful practices. Our guests are experts from technical financial planning to the cutting edge of voice marketing and brand development. Join us for practical advice and tactics that you can put to work immediately.

Meet Model FA

Our team members have decades of experience in the financial industry. They know what works and what doesn’t. Together, they’ve helped over 300 advisors find theur unique value proposition, get in front of ideal prospects, and deploy effective practice growth strategies.

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David Decelle

Chief executive officer

Raised in a middle-class household, David knew at an early age that he wanted to re-define success for his generation of the family. Making money was a big motivation — but knowing how to put money to work was his main goal. That’s why he chose to become a financial advisor. And he’s never looked back. He’s a compulsive learner, the guy who cares the most, and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. He loves nothing more than acquiring layers of life-enhancing knowledge – from social media strategies to self-actualization – and sharing it to help others grow and succeed. His most treasured moment is watching a financial advisor fall in love with the business again.

He is equally committed to his own mind and body fitness — and to intentionally spending quality time with family and friends.

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Patrick Brewer, cpa

Founder, Managing Partner

A serial entrepreneur, Patrick is the Chief Strategy Officer of WealthSource and founder of the Model FA. Patrick is passionate about helping advisors tap into their strengths, overcome growth challenges, and reach their highest potential. In his free time, you will find Patrick traveling internationally, exploring new cultures, staying active, or boating on Lake Austin.

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Graham Gardner

Chief Marketing officer

A self described nerd, Graham has expertise in creating, managing, and delivering metric-driven marketing initiatives focused on helping clients foster meaningful conversations with prospects and clients. Graham and his family spend their free time watching sports and enjoying nature.

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Building a successful financial advisory practice requires you to learn new skills, tackle difficult challenges, and quickly respond to the changes in the industry. Model FA is here to help.

Click below to find tactical, practical solutions for your current challenges for whatever stage you are in your advisory career.

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What is client experience, really?

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Maybe you’re asking yourself…

Should I pick a niche, or be a generalist?

How do I consistently add new clients to my practice?

How do I create a marketing strategy that works?

How do I create a brand that resonates with my ideal client?

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