A Proactive Insurance Marketing Partner for Growth-Oriented Advisors

We help our advisors cut client acquisition costs by providing free business growth solutions.


Streamlined Insurance Solutions

Gain access to premier annuity and insurance carriers, comprehensive client analysis, and smart case design

Turnkey Marketing Systems

Reach more prospects through a combination of digital marketing, live educational events, automated online workshops, and curated follow-up content

Accelerated Business Development

Build the practice you’ve always wanted with one-on-one performance coaching and a top-tier business development program

Better Together: Premier Insurance Products, Turnkey Marketing, and Advisor Growth Support

At the Model FMO, we believe that most FMOs/IMOs don’t do enough to help financial advisors grow. They are focused on recruiting agents and advisors — not on helping those advisors add great new clients to their own practices.

Model FMO is different. It combines everything an advisor would expect from a modern FMO/IMO (access to premier insurance carriers, intelligent case design, contracting support, etc.) — and adds turnkey advisor marketing solutions, business development support, and performance coaching programs.

Carrier Partners

Our mission is to connect independent financial advisors with a broad range of trusted, well-established carriers for annuity, life insurance, long-term care planning, and disability insurance. Our vision is a true partnership that empowers advisors to make the best choices for their clients — and delivers unwavering technical and professional support every step of the way.


Our annuity experts are on standby to provide you with smart case construction, sales ideas, up-to-date market analysis, and unmatched service and support. We partner with nearly 50 of the industry’s best annuity carriers to bring you an impressive array of options. Get the tools you need to build the plans your clients desire — and to make each transaction seamless.

Life Insurance

We offer a wide variety of life insurance products — and understand the intricacies that come with them. Get the access you need to deliver exceptional life insurance solutions to your clients. Our exhaustive industry knowledge and compelling technology-driven sales tools will empower you in placing every single case.

Long-Term Care Planning

Whether your clients need traditional or asset-based long-term care planning solutions, our team is ready to connect you to experienced field underwriting and a dozen of trusted carriers. We know that long-term care planning is a critical component of your clients’ financial independence plan, and we are here to help you deliver the best.

Disability Income

Our experts know that disability income planning is one of the most under-executed financial planning needs. We are here to help you close that gap for your clients. Whether you are looking to cover individual disability planning needs or a contract to support a buy-sell agreement, our team will build disability income plans for the most complex of needs.

Back Office Support

When it comes to the back office, success is a matter of systems. Our back office support systems are designed to get you the right answers — right when you need them.

Submit your contract requests in just a few clicks. Our contracting team will conduct a detailed review of each submission to ensure completeness before passing it on to the carrier for processing.
Case design
Get comprehensive client analysis, planning, and proposal development support — so that you can connect your clients with best-in-class solutions.
Case management and support
Our experienced case managers will ensure your cases get issued promptly. From checking the paperwork for good order, to stepping in to resolve any issue, you will find our team is there for you.

Proven Marketing Systems and Business Development Support

Want more qualified prospects? Our in-house, dedicated marketing team will help you solve complicated growth challenges. By contracting through Model FMO, you gain access to the following turnkey solutions and customized marketing services.

America’s Retirement Forum

A turnkey retirement seminar and webinar system that connects a national non-profit educational organization with advisor instructors. ARF uses a low-cost combination of digital marketing, live educational events, automated online workshops, and curated follow-up content to build awareness and showcase advisor expertise. Advisors around the country are using this system to add millions in assets to their practice each month.

Model FA Accelerator

A performance coaching and practice development program designed to help financial advisors grow through accountability and proven marketing strategies. Includes individual coaching calls, access to 24 live group coaching calls per month, and dozens of self-paced educational modules in the digital learning center.

Personalized Website

A professionally designed, SEO-optimized website template to update the advisor’s brand, elevate their online presence, and help them reach more prospects. Copywriting and coaching support to align the new website with the advisor’s unique value proposition and ideal clients.

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