EP 127 | Motivational Interviewing with Jeremy Keil

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Jeremy Keil is a financial advisor at Keil Financial Planners. As a specialist in retirement planning, Jeremy is dedicated to helping people learn more—and feel more confident—about their money. He served as a financial advisor at Thrivent Financial for over 20 years before beginning his work at Keil Financial Planners and formerly served as an adjunct professor at the Wisconsin Lutheran College and the Concordia University in Wisconsin. Today, in addition to his work at Keil Financial Planners, Jeremy hosts Retirement Revealed, a podcast honored among Feedspot’s Top 25 Retirement Podcasts to Follow in 2021. 

Jeremy joins me today to discuss motivational interviewing and how financial advisors can approach it. He shares his journey in the financial advisory industry and explains how he discovered motivational interviewing. He describes the mutual relationship between financial advisors and clients and details why financial advisors should have compassion and empathy for their clients. Jeremy also outlines a few key questions financial advisors can integrate into their discovery meetings and highlights how launching a podcast has benefitted him as a financial advisor.

“I thought connecting with someone was just about asking questions, but motivational interviewing teaches you that it’s about open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections, and summaries.” – Jeremy Keil

This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Jeremy’s background and how he began his career as a financial advisor
  • How Jeremy started building his book of business as a financial advisor
  • What motivational interviewing is
  • How financial advisors can take principles from unrelated industries 
  • Basic motivational interviewing questions financial advisors can integrate into their discovery meetings
  • Rolling with resistance and supporting clients’ self-efficacy
  • Where to learn more about motivational interviewing
  • The importance of practicing and role-playing motivational interviewing
  • How financial advisors can benefit from launching a podcast
  • Jeremy’s thoughts on wealth and contentment

Resources Mentioned:

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Lots of folks can be great advisors, but the systems they’re in might discourage them from making it in the industry.” – David DeCelle
  • “Part of motivational interviewing involves being curious about the person you’re sitting across from.” – David DeCelle
  • “You may be the expert in your field, but your clients are the experts on themselves: they know what works for them.” – Jeremy Keil

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