EP 73 | Claiming Your Superpower to Create Your Reality with Bob Doyle

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Bob Doyle is an Executive Coach for and the CEO of Boundless Living. Over the past 20 years, Bob has been helping people work with the Law of Attraction and transform their lives. He is best known for his role as a Law of Attraction expert and coach in the movie, The Secret. Since 1998, Bob has taught the principles of personal transformation through programs, live events, podcasts, coaching, and writing. Though still grounded in the Law of Attraction, Bob’s focus has shifted from the metaphysical aspects to the brain’s role in the process of reality creation. 

Bob joins me today to discuss the process of tapping into your brain’s superpower to create your reality and transform yourself. He explains the relationship between the brain’s neuroplasticity and manifestation. He describes why it’s difficult for many people to transform their lives and discusses why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for many people. He also shares the steps you can take toward changing your brain’s wiring and underscores the importance of being non-negotiable about the kind of person you want to become. 

“We are born with this reality creation device called the brain. We can imagine things, take action, and retain information. We’re born to create something amazing.” – Bob Doyle 

This week on The Model FA Podcast: 

        What transformation personality types are and why they’re important to identify

        Why Bob shifted his focus away from the Law of Attraction to the brain’s power to create reality

        How the meaning that we derive from the world drives us into action

        Rewiring your brain and what makes personal transformation happen

        What makes personal transformation difficult and why people fail their Law of Attraction work

        The “burn the boats” mindset and how we can support our brain’s rewiring

        What it means to manifest on autopilot[1] [2] 

        How manifestation works and how the brain’s wiring impacts it

        Why Bob thinks it’s a waste of time to convince people about the Law of Attraction

        The first steps toward rewiring the brain and the power of visualizing your day


Our Favorite Quotes: 

        “Rewiring your brain is like a ski slope: fresh snow falls, covering your path, but giving you opportunities to create new ones.” – David DeCelle

        “The more you can consume content related to the outcome you want, the more likely you are to see answers in front of you.” – David DeCelle

        “Discomfort is normal. Embrace it, be grateful, and keep holding onto the vision.” – Bob Doyle


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Bob Doyle  00:07

Everything that we create in our life, even though we may be like putting conscious effort into it, what is driving that conscious effort? What is our real motivation, there's so much going on beneath the surface. So I'm just saying, you know, the more conscious you can get about who you want to be and then acting that every single day and knowing that the discomfort is going to come this is eventually going to shift you from that feeling of who am I to do this? This feels ridiculous to wait, no, this is who I am.


David DeCelle  00:39

Welcome model of FeS I am very excited about our guest today, Bob Doyle. So Bob is going to be speaking about a topic that personally I'm very passionate about. And I spent a lot of time reading books, listening to books, listening to podcasts, doing research, and really trying to do my best on scaling myself up on this topic. So hopefully, you know, Bob will do a great job of making it clear and concise and not only helped me but help all of you as well. So Bob Doyle is best known for his contribution to the film and the book The Secret as a law of attraction expert and coach. He's been teaching about these principles through programs, live events, podcasts, live streams, coaching, writing, and even virtual realities since 1998. He is driven by his passion for creative self expression, and his work is heavily focused on helping people decide who they want to be and how they want to express themselves. Recently, Bob's attention is shifted from the metaphysical aspects of the law of attraction or reality creation process to a more grounded and biological look at what controls our experiences, and ultimately, our brain. So with that, Bob, welcome to the show.


Bob Doyle  01:55

Thanks. Great to be here. I'm excited to have the conversation. Love it. So


David DeCelle  01:58

I got a bunch of questions that I want to ask you. But I know before we started recording, you had mentioned a super short and quick 62nd quiz that folks can take actually before listening to the rest of the episode, which will help them get more out of this episode. So can you tell me a little bit about that quiz. And then specifically, you know, where they can find it. And of course, this will be in the show notes as well, for those of you who are listening, so you can just go ahead and click on it. But where can they find the quiz? And why should they even be taking it? Well, it's


Bob Doyle  02:29

t p t quiz.com. And that stands for transformation personality type. And the reason that I'm having them take this is so I've been in this industry, helping people with transformation, mostly with law of attraction stuff for 20 years, and I've just seen a trend, I've seen different types of people who approach their transformation. These aren't your traditional types like disc and that kind of stuff. This is stuff Bob Doyle made up. But it still helps the person who understands what their type is to navigate transformation. Because ultimately, if a person doesn't reach their goal, there's something that's going on in their brains wiring, there's some trait that they have that is stopping them. And if you can identify those traits as just wiring, which we're going to be talking about, if you can identify them as traits, and just something you're doing on autopilot, now you have a different choice. So becoming aware, as again, we will discuss becoming aware of your autopilot reactions is the first step to changing them. And this quiz helps you do that a lot quicker. So if they take the 60 seconds, they could have it done by now with me explaining it so much, but they'll know what their type is. And so as we have this conversation, they'll just have better context. So just an invitation for them to do that. And I appreciate you letting me do that.


David DeCelle  03:33

Awesome. So go ahead and pause this episode here if you haven't already. And go ahead and check out TPT quiz.com. And take that quiz. I'm on your webpage right now, it's only eight questions. So it should be pretty quick quiz for you all to take. And again, that will ensure that you get as much out of this episode as possible. So Bob, I know that you've been in this space for over 20 years. But as I was reading your bio, it seemed as if to a degree anyways, that you've shifted a little bit away from the law of attraction. So as someone who's read those books, watch the movie, listen to plenty of podcasts on that topic immediately. I'm intrigued as to why you've transitioned slightly away from the law of attraction. So can you speak to that for us to help us understand why that is?


Bob Doyle  04:22

Yes. And first of all, I just want to clarify that this is not me, you know, negating the law of attraction or walking away from it entirely or anything like that. What I'm shifting is in terms of helping people transform their lives, which is what I'm about which is why I was excited about the law of attraction in the first place. I'm finding that people are getting so mired in the how do you use the Law of Attraction activate the Law of Attraction get it right or wrong, that they're completely missing the point and they're not putting their attention on what really matters and that is who do they want to be because it came down to this for me. Where is it with you ask yourself where is reality actually created? A law of attraction follower, if you will, might say something like, Well, as soon as I visualize it, or as soon as I put it on the vision board or whatever, but really, you're creating your reality in the moment that you give whatever moment that is meaning. So right now, as you listen to this, or watch this, or just doing whatever you're doing, you're subconsciously making meaning out of all of it constantly. And the meaning that you're making is driving you into or away from action. And so it is action that is going to get you anywhere in your life. So if you look around at your results, and where you are in your life, and you don't like them, it is a result you have to own that it is a result of who you have been being the actions you've been taking the meaning you've been making out of your everyday life, and then what you've done as a result of that meaning and you realize that okay, well, if I continue to make this meaning that I'm always going to get these results to transformation COMM And that's all brains wiring. That's the program. So the reason I'm focusing on this is instead of spending literally decades that some people do trying to figure out the law of attraction, and read and do a million zillion programs to get their vibration, right, let's look at what really makes transformation happen. Transformation is only going to last if your brain is rewired. And I don't care what approach you take, whether it's law of attraction, or reading this book, or that program, or going to Tony Robbins, or whatever it is, if you're a transformation last, it's because your brain got rewired. So I figured let's just go to what makes your brain rewire? How do we learn anything? And let's just do that and let the law of attraction take care of itself. So that's why I went there. Because it's quicker for transformation. There's no weird metaphysical things to understand or try to get right. And it's just a very simple process of persistence and commitment and so on, that I coach people through and it's just been wildly effective. Can


David DeCelle  06:38

you go into a little bit more depth as to when you say brain rewiring? Like, what do you actually mean by that?


Bob Doyle  06:46

Yes. Okay. So when we're born, right, our brains are just wide open, and we're ready to learn everything. And as we get all this input from our parents, and just our environment, and just wherever we are, we're basically saying yes to everything, we're not discerning anything or evaluating, we're just saying yes, which means that the neuro pathways that are being built in our brain are being programmed with whatever we're just letting in. So we're going to take on very likely some of the beliefs of our parents and our teachers and all of these things. So that is going to create the lens through which we see the world our wire, as we have new thoughts, as we form new beliefs, literal pathways are formed in our brain, it's biology. And the more we keep putting the same information in there, the stronger those neural pathways get, and those neural pathways and that wiring determines the lens through which we see the world it defines our truth. And everybody is wired a little bit differently, which means everybody's truth is a little bit different. And we'd run into this, we see it all over the place, you know, we can all be in agreement on some things. But where there is a difference in wiring, the reason you have so much freaking conflict is that everybody knows they're right, because their wiring says so and it doesn't matter what you say. So that's really powerful to know that, but there's freedom in that too. Because if you look at your life, and it feels limiting, and then you just know that that's just your wiring, and you can change it you just my work now is about helping you be intentional about wiring your brain with more positive thoughts more positive, meaning more positive vision than what's going on on autopilot without you getting consciously involved at all, because you just think this is the truth. This is the only way I can react. This is the only meaning I can make. But when you learn to become conscious and go, Wait a minute, no, this is just one meaning out of an infinite number that I am making. And this meaning I'm making makes me feel disempowered. It makes me feel like I'm not enough, whatever. So why would I continue to have this feeling when I could choose a different one, I've got consciousness, I can just go boop. But the reason that's hard is because those neural pathways are so hard wired so many years decades that it feels completely unnatural. And like you're lying to yourself when you try to tell yourself something more positive. But guess what? You're lying to yourself already. It just feels true. So


David DeCelle  09:03

well, I'm smirking for those of you who are listening on audio because you think about you know, we're recording this on September 16 2021 will probably be released towards the end of the year. But I think it's a really good explanation as to why in today's environment, there's so much conflict and people are so stubborn in certain areas with what's going on. It's because they believe it to be their truth. And you know, it makes a lot of sense. Now, I don't know if this is related or not. But I've learned a little bit I wouldn't say a lot but I learned a little bit about neuroplasticity is this related to that in terms of exactly what this okay, because I remember hearing, you know, an example that has really stuck with me where when you're rewiring your brain, you think about your current state is like a ski slope, right? And there's all these different lines, you know, in the mountain that people are skiing and snowboarding down and what rewiring is essentially is a fresh snowfall that comes down that covers up all those paths that Ben give you an opportunity to create new paths is that relevant to what you're sharing?

Bob Doyle  10:07

There's a million zillion ways to look at it, like forging new paths in the forest. And you know, you got the familiar path and this tribe and it's easy, but then you want to go a different way. Well, there's thorns there, but you have to keep walking. Because you know why you're going there. It is important enough, it is non freaking negotiable. This is the thing. This is why transformation is hard is because we don't make it non negotiable. But how we transform our lives into something amazing is the same way we learned our language and how to cook and how to walk. We just kept doing it. We had a vision, this is non negotiable, I must learn to walk, I must learn to talk, I must learn all of these things. And so you made a zillion mistakes, and you fell down a lot. And you didn't say I guess the universe doesn't want it for me. And that's what a lot of law of attraction people will do they fail a couple of times. That's what they call it, instead of just taking the feedback and going okay, there's a way not to do it. How can I adjust? Which is what all inventors Do people know this, we'd have no technology, if everybody of the world was approached the way we approach personal transformation. Well, the program said three days, and I Where's my results, you know, it's that it's the expectation. That's one of the other things, you know, post secret, when the secret came out, the personal development marketplace was flooded, all of a sudden with everybody was a law of attraction expert. And here's the three steps, five steps, seven steps, and it just was a lot of magical thinking. And people got all excited about it, because it sounded so good. And there was this genie in the movie. So they feel like it's magic. And that's where it goes wrong. It's no more magic than gravity. And you don't have to think about it just like gravity you don't think about okay, if I drop this cup? Is it gonna fall? I need to understand how what's the vibration? What do I need to I need to visualize the cup falling, right? None of this is relevant. And we've just gotten and of course, I'm guilty of it. Because I spent years teaching the ins and outs of the law of attraction and the science of it and all of that, because that's what made the difference for me, personally, I needed that. Ah, okay, this isn't just New Age goo. This is cool stuff. This is really cool stuff. And so I thought that if I could just get everybody to understand it the way I understood it, that they have results with it the way that I did, but it wasn't like that, and people just have a billion questions and they beat themselves up, I should know this. And the things that they do to themselves that absolutely prevent themselves from moving forward with their wiring is why I put the quiz together so that I could show people this is your behavior, this is the pattern you have, when you get to this point in your transformation. Let's look at how this got wired. Just so you know, it's wiring, we don't have to go freakin deep and do all kinds of therapy. And we don't have to understand all the parts of the brain. And we don't have to understand all the science of it. All we need to know is that our brain can change good. How do we change it? Well, we feed it new information instead of the stuff that we're feeding it all the time 24/7 Without even thinking about it. So we're going to go through the discomfort of new thoughts that are challenging, and we don't know how it's going to happen. Just like we didn't know exactly how we're going to learn to walk, we're going to take a step in this action, we're going to visualize who do we need to be to make this happen? And what is the behavior of that version of me that is different than the behavior that I have right now. And what of that behavior can I take on today so that I am more in alignment, and I take action like that person and I can begin to wire my brain differently in alignment with that, so that that action becomes as autopilot as the action I'm taking now, which is getting me the results I'm taking right now. So we're effortlessly manifesting everything all the time, what we want is if you want to manifest intention, you can manifest effortlessly anything, but you've got to wire yourself for it so that you're not constantly going up against limiting beliefs and all this other nonsense that people spend so much time focusing on instead of Hey, okay, we know who you were, we know that who do you want to be? And people are spending so much time figuring out well, I want this house I want this car, I want this person I want this amount of money and I want to buy this date Who are you in this because you're not who you are right now because this person doesn't take the action necessary to get those things. So let's start here inside with the brain.


David DeCelle  14:02

So I want to get to the autopilot thing in a moment. But just to hit on a couple of the main reasons why people get stuck in this process they heard from you number one, they don't have a why at all or a strong enough why to and drive them through some of the roadblocks that may present themselves along the way. And then number two, you use the word non negotiable. What comes to my mind is the you know, Tony Robbins sort of, you know, burn the boats, you know, mindset where it's like, Hey, this is my only option moving forward. And oftentimes people you know, have their plan B and they have their backstops, so to speak that, quite frankly is their comfort zone so that when they see the first signs of being uncomfortable, they just go back to where they are comfortable. So you got to have a strong enough why. So why it is that you're trying to radically change your life while also making that non negotiable saying no matter what comes my way, I'm still going to persevere Through this process,


Bob Doyle  15:01

yes, it's a difference in how you look at those stumps, you can be grateful for them rather than frustrated by that the fact that you get to that point where your stop means great you're about to grow, you are about to grow, just keep pushing here, this is not a sign that you should stop, this is the sign that you are on the right path, this discomfort, it's normal, embrace it, be grateful and just keep holding the vision, what would the future version of me do in this situation, it's a simple thing, we just want you to get clear on that kind of thing. And so part of our process is at the beginning and the end of each day, there's some visualization about the day ahead, and then the review of the day that you had, and how you want to be in a situation that you know is coming up where you know, that you have historically behaved in a way that isn't getting you the result that you want, you know, maybe you don't speak your mind, or maybe whatever it is, you know, but now we give you the tools, you need to create these pathways that that move you into the action that is in alignment with that person and thus get that person's results.


David DeCelle  15:59

So you had mentioned something previously about how we're always manifesting on autopilot, okay, and we may be manifesting what we want, we may be manifesting what we don't want. So when you say manifesting on autopilot, what do you actually mean?


Bob Doyle  16:15

Yeah, so we're creating all the results in our lives, right through the action that we're taking. Yes. So anything that we manifest as a result of the action we take happens, because of the action that we're taking is based on our wiring. And again, our wiring. Most of the time, we're not thinking about it, we're not thinking about overriding it, we're not necessarily thinking about creating new wiring. So we are on autopilot. So everything that we create in our lives is basically even though we may be like putting conscious effort into it, what is driving that conscious effort? What is our real motivation, there's so much going on beneath the surface. So I'm just saying when you know, the more conscious you can get about who you want to be and then acting that every single day and knowing that the discomfort is going to come is eventually going to shift you from that feeling of who am I to do this? This feels ridiculous to wait, no, this is who I am, I always invite people to who doubt that that you can change so radically, like what I'm saying that this wiring will change who you are is just to think back on who you were 510 15 years ago, and see if you don't see significant differences in some areas about how you think the meaning you make about things and just basically who you are, I can look back on times my life and I go, I cannot believe that I was like a stand for this position, or that this is how I behaved in this situation. So what's changed is my wiring, some of it I may have taken on intentionally some of it just happened as a result of my environment changing and life happening. And if you're not conscious of how you're interpreting, meaning, you're going to be on autopilot, and whatever shows up is going to be a result of that autopilot action. So overriding it and being intentional, creating new wiring so that you take different action is being intentional about what you're manifesting, but is manifesting what you want, specifically, intentionally not just what's going to be the natural outcome of you being on autopilot?


David DeCelle  17:59

Well, it's interesting, because as I reflect back on my life, I think about the times in which I was, you know, most stressed and not confident in what I was doing, or my future. And it was always times where, you know, I was consuming the news all the time, I was, you know, just in a negative mindset. In general, I was watching TV, I wasn't doing anything to like feed my brain and best points in my life. Like last year, I listened to 170 books over the course of the year, because I made a conscious decision to say, Well, every day, I'm going to be consuming something in dead time, whether it's the TV or books or a podcast, or you know, whatever it may be. And similar to diet and exercise, whatever you put into your body is your body is a reflection of so if you're eating your fruits and vegetables and proteins, and you know, a good amount of carbs, and a well balanced diet, like your body's gonna reflect that. Whereas, you know, if you're eating pizza, and Chinese food and all these other things, your body's gonna reflect that too. So I kind of had this realization of, you know, if I have the choice, or if I'm going to be putting something into my brain anyways, why not choose to have that be positive, I noticed a drastic shift in not just my mindset, but the life around me as well. And I was like holy moly, like these things can't they can't be unrelated, right. And it's tough for us to think about a direct correlation from consuming a book and the results that you're getting. But that book may inspire you to take a certain action that you previously wouldn't take or help you work through a problem that you previously couldn't solve. And then even now, I'll go through, you know, points in time where, you know, I'll go a couple of weeks or a month where I'm not listening to an audio book for whatever reason, and then all of a sudden, I start feeling stressed and anxious. I'm like, What the heck is it? I'm like, Oh, I haven't consumed anything positive over the last four weeks. So I totally see how what you're saying as it relates to the more you can consume that's related to the outcome. that you want, the more likely you are to a let your RAS take over your reticular activating system, so you can see the answers in front of you, and the more positive you're going to be in general. So I buy into that wholeheartedly.


Bob Doyle  20:14

It's simple biology too. Because if you're not intentionally filling your brain with information that is serving you, then you're just on idle, and you're just taking in whatever. And that's only going to fortify right the neural pathways that you have that you're used to bring in the Facebook stuff, and the news or whatever it is, because you're not replacing it. However, if you spend that, I mean, that's very impressive 170 books to listen to another things too. So now that just the time during the day, the balance of time that your brain has thinking about stuff is now more positive. And so those old neural pathways, they are not being fed by autopilot anymore, because all your attention is on the new stuff. So again, it just makes sense. And the more you do it, and but you even found out that even though you did that for a while, it only took a couple of months before old habits came back because it takes decades of growth, but they will dwindle right and take longer to activate. So you get a little break from them. But you know, eventually though those old pathways will be just a memory and not something that have to have a hold of you anymore. But again, it's just because you are being persistent, and there's no magic here, it's not big, if you do a vision board, great if it keeps you persistent, but that's not the magic, the magic is you feeding your brain different stuff, you know, on an ongoing basis. And so it has to respond differently. It builds neuro pathways to support these new thoughts. And the more that you give them that same information, the stronger they get, and other ones just wither. And like you said, the action that you take will be a result of your more predominant wiring.


Patrick Brewer  21:41

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David DeCelle  22:31

So we've kind of talked about manifesting and rewiring and I'm getting the sense that those two things are related. Can you explain that in a little bit more detail as far as what rewiring has to do with manifesting?


Bob Doyle  22:45

Well, because it changes the action you take into it. That's it, you rewire you take different action you get different results. Allah your manifestation, it can even result in the things that show up as magical or whatever. You know, like there's so many law of attraction stories that seem like just magic, but there's still all the results somehow of who you've been being you've been, you've set yourself up to receive these things. So again, manifestation in your life is the direct result of who you're being, and certainly what you make of that manifestation. Because remember, the appearance of something is one thing now how are you experiencing it? What is your experience of it? That's when you're manifesting when you make meaning of this thing? Okay, that's when you decide what is this thing right now it's just a cluster of energy until I put meaning to it and decide whether or not this is what I wanted, what I didn't want Close, but no cigar, whatever you decide in that moment. So it's all manifesting and what it means and the experience of it. It's all wiring. So if you don't like what you're manifesting, then you got to change your wiring. So it's a direct correlation. So


David DeCelle  23:45

if this information is out there, and I'm sure and I haven't taken the quiz yet, I will after this call, but if this information is out there, and we know that you can rewire you know your brain and quite frankly just in control of our brain more so that we may think what prevents people from actually doing it awareness that


Bob Doyle  24:05

it can be done awareness. That's what I'm saying. The first step of the whole thing is teaching people to become aware. That's why we have the quiz because that awareness they're so on autopilot that they don't think there is any other way to be. So we have to wake them up. First. We have to show them how they are on autopilot, then and only then will they be able to to conceptualize that new thought new behavior will change their brain and thus their life. So it's not complicated. It's just yet to break this paradigm of their lens. And so just just logic really, it's just logical conversations and inquisitions and showing them things and getting them nod their head and go Yeah, I guess you know, there are other ways and when you can just look in the world and see examples of how people see truth so differently. It's just there's examples everywhere of how wiring shapes a person's reality and their ability to take action and all that stuff. So it doesn't take much but most people don't pursue personal development. You If it sounds too good to be true, which it's weird that this does because you're doing it every day your brain is wired, you learn how to do anything, which means you can learn how to do anything else. You just have to feed yourself the information and you're gonna learn now how to be somebody else, you're going to learn new behavior, but it's no different really than riding the bike or anything else that you learn. You just have to keep doing the repetition. So when you can get people to see that this is not a leap of any kind of weird fate. This is the most basic of science completely provable. Neuroplasticity is not up for debate, people, no one's saying your brain can't change. No one's saying that. Now, lots of people say the law of attraction is nonsense, or whatever. Well, what about this? What about that, that's why it's a waste of so much time focusing on trying to convince people that there is a law of attraction when the real result is a changed brain. And so let's just figure out who that is. Let's get you excited about it. Let's get you so inspired by who you're going to become that it becomes non negotiable. And you will gladly take the action, it will gladly take the feedback that others would perceive as failure and decide that it means it's time to quit, and you will keep going and keep going. And you'll go through all the challenges associated with that your own comfort level, the reactions of other people, the whole thing, and the only reason you'll do it is because you made it non negotiable. And if you didn't, then yeah, you're probably going to quit the personal development success rate is abysmal. And this is why it's all wiring because eventually someone will come up against their personality type, their transformation, personality type, and justify stopping, and then they're right back. And not only are they right back, but they've strengthened the neural pathway that says transformation doesn't work for me, my mind


David DeCelle  26:38

goes to, you know, personal development in business. But I also think about, you know, folks that may you know, smoke or that may, you know, drink too much, or that eating habits, right, you know, you see people like a yo yo they'll lose weight and then gain weight and lose weight and then gain weight. I feel like it's all related based on what you're saying. Because they just they go back to where they came from, because they did not make it non negotiable. No, I'm going to stop smoking, no, I'm going to stop drinking. No, I'm not going to eat unhealthy anymore. There's always that comfort zone that they're used to that welcomes them with open arms every single time


Bob Doyle  27:15

because you brought that up, it's a beautiful opportunity for me to tell you that in the program that I have that where we work with people, we have a tool in there called the click, it was something that I created back in 2016, which helped me to quit drinking, because you this example you use in like 45 minutes of a writing exercise. And I never went back. And this was a lifetime of you know, drinking, and I did not sit down to quit drinking. I sat down to go what's missing here in my life? What is this feeling? What have I lost, you know, where's my vision, that kind of stuff. And so this process just sort of floated through me. But what the end result was, I realized that I cannot be the person I want to be and have the life I want to have the non negotiable life the non negotiable piece came from the process non negotiable and have alcohol. So it was like, oh, okay, well, then this is gone. It was that simple. And I never got


David DeCelle  28:04

you're, you're able to attach your why behind it to and then make it non negotiable.


Bob Doyle  28:09

That's right. And I'll happens in sort of the process when you see you know why you fight for this particular habit, or what you perceive is that you'll lose if you give it up and you see it on paper, and you get into the feelings and you realize, Wow, this is all just egoic wiring. And this has nothing to do with who I want to be. In fact, it's a lot of times it's the opposite. So it anyway, I'm just saying that yes, you can rewire yourself to do amazing things. Because your brain is just waiting for you to play with it. We are born with this incredible reality creation device called the brain and we can imagine things we can take action as a result of what we imagined we can remember things we can retain information, we can get inspired, we have all these amazing chemicals were born to create something amazing. And we've just kind of gotten into this mediocrity where we don't know that anymore, we forget how powerful this thing is, and that we can change it and no one is set in stone no path is set in stone. And you don't have to spend decades trying to find out who you're supposed to be you can wake up in the morning and decide that's the beauty of this gift of the years that we've been given in this body with all of its sensations and everything that we get out of it is the ability for us to have the life that we can imagine but we have to take the action to get it and if somehow we are programmed along the way that we can't have it by someone who that was their experience then it makes it harder for us to get it because we have to go through this belief system but we can change it and you can look in the world and see where there have been kids who have grown up in the you can do anything you want environment and they go on and do incredible things because they never were told otherwise. So we're totally open for that kind of result. And no matter how bad you think your situation is just get on freakin YouTube and look for inspirational stories and you will find dozens and dozens of stories of people who who started out in a situation so much worse than you will ever be and have gone on to do amazing things because They took different action, they decided to become someone different.


David DeCelle  30:04

So we've gone through some examples kind of off the cuff, I shared some examples around, you know, cutting out negative news outlets. I've talked about, you know, audio books and podcasts you've talked about, or you've confirmed those things. And then you've also talked about writing exercises. So for folks who are listening to this, that, you know, are finally like, Hey, I'm ready to be non negotiable, you know, with what I want to be moving forward, I guess, let's try and like organize this a little bit more like what are the steps that people who want to approach their transformation this way, whether some of the steps that they need to take to get on the right path,


Bob Doyle  30:43

right, so first, learn your starting point. That's why the quiz if we can run through the types, because we promised we would give some information about that. And if they've got their types, then I just want to address you know, so that they can nod and say, Yes, that's me. And then just give a little bit about what that but they need to become aware of their current wiring. That is the first step. But concurrent to that, they're going to be deciding who do I want to be. So they think about what they want in their life. And they think about what would that person have to do? Who would I have to be to have those results? And what is the behavior that I have right now that is stopping me. So when people are just getting started, and they're kind of like, I don't know, I just have no idea. So what I have them do is just look at the times during the course of their day where they feel disempowered, so that they can notice their wiring, helping them with their and having their quiz result will help but noticing when they're in that auto response mode, so that they can just simply tell themselves, this, this situation and how I'm perceiving it is not the truth. It's just my wiring. Now, whether or not they're able to take a different, more empowered action in that moment or not, is a different thing. And of course, yeah, if you can, because that is the goal. But just noticing when you're on autopilot habitually will help you make that action easier, because you'll realize just how what kind of reality you've created and how much more empowering it can be. So just getting a general idea of the direction you want to go and some traits that you need to change in areas where you would like to feel more empowered, that is a first step. Here's the thing, though it is a ongoing process, just like learning anything is. And so if you're going to take on this, you get ready to do something every day, and throughout the day, and instead of going on, it sounds laborious, it's like okay, then you can go back on autopilot where it won't feel laborious. But you will continue to get the same results. And by the way, the laborious notice that it feels to catch yourself and make changes, that'll all change as you rewire. And then it will become your autopilot. And then you get to choose whether or not you want to grow after that. But you got to kind of know where you're going and where you're starting. So then


David DeCelle  32:46

once you know, because there's sort of like a reflection exercise and division exercise, right. So once you have those two things done, what's next,


Bob Doyle  32:56

well, then you're looking for the opportunities to be that out in the world, nothing's going to change until you change who you're being. So part of our process, like I mentioned before, is you start the day with sort of a visualization of your day ahead. Any situation, you know, you're going to be entering into where you are historically may be triggered, or you feel disempowered, or just take action that you're not really thrilled with that you'd love to do in a different way. And you visualize this event, this upcoming event, going through it exactly how you would like to. And you can do that over and over and over and you want to get into the feeling of it. Like you're right there, you can run it with different scenarios. Well, what if this happens, what if this happens, and who do I want to be in every single one, this is a basic function of our brain to pre visualize upcoming events so that we can handle them. So and by the way, since your brain doesn't really know your subconscious doesn't really know that this is just imagination is just getting the thoughts sensations and images that you're feeding it. It is beginning that wiring process in the rehearsal you hear about this constantly in athletics, right people just rehearse the shot, rehearse the shot, rehearse the shot, and they do better than those who don't and mentally, mentally, in your mind. So this is it's that getting into the process every day of rehearsing the day, you want to have Joe Dispenza talks about this, a lot of people talk about this, but it's just but if you do it consistently, not once a week, not when you remember, but every day and throughout the day catch yourself then the wiring process can begin. So the way that I help people do that is give them that support that they need the tools they need, the little hoorays along the way to their brain gets dopamine hit so that they continue this every day, give them a community give them tools to deal with the emotional stuff, because I can just tell you right now, if you want to change your brain, go decide who you want to be and start being that that's all you got to do the end. Now in practice, you come up against your wiring, and depending on your personality type, you're most likely 93% likely to stop before your rewiring takes place.


David DeCelle  34:53

It's interesting because and you know a hell of a lot more about this than I do, but it's really reassuring to me, because one of the things that I have advisors do part of our coaching, and it seems kind of tedious, but you're confirming that it's helpful, which is at the end of the day, I have them reflect on their day, right? What could they have done better? What went really well were they grateful for, you know, things along those lines, and then I have them plan out the next day, and where a lot of the advisors will stop is they'll plan out their day, here's all the things I need to do, here's the meetings that I have. But what I suggest they do, and they don't always do it, some of them do, but they don't always do it. Because it's not like a tangible, you know, thing that gives them immediate results that you got to do it over and over and over again for its payoff. I have them when they plan out their day, say okay, if you're meeting with someone for the first time, or you're in a presentation meeting, or you're in the implementation meeting, where they're going to become a client, like envision how you want that to shake out, envision what objections may come up and what your response is going to be. And that changes the exercise, quite frankly, from a five minute, you know, planning session to like a 10 or 15 minute planning session. And I don't find a lot of folks actually dedicate the time needed to allow them to visualize how each of those interactions during their day will shake out. And well, I'll tell you, I'm not perfect by any means. But when I do do that, it is crazy, how accurate it shakes out compared to what the vision was compared to when I don't so just throwing that out


Bob Doyle  36:34

there it see. So it's exactly what I'm talking about doing exactly what I'm talking about doing. And the reason that people don't do it is it because it does seem woowoo or intangible or optional. What they don't get is that this is your superpower, as a human, you're Pooh poohing your greatest power to create your freaking reality. You're Pooh poohing it and say, I don't have time for the visualization stuff. It's like, that's the most important, it's the most important. So you can rehearse that, and you're testament to it, when you do it, the results will be better. It's just logical. Again, people just need to see to be introduced to this in a logical way to understand why this isn't magic. It isn't some if you do this, you deserve it more. It's nothing like that. It's because your brain knows what to do.


David DeCelle  37:20

So you'll you'll like this a lot. The past maybe a couple months or so things have been a little bit slower in terms of like new clients and new revenue, like people are just shaking over COVID. And it's paralyzing them. And you know, we do a lot of speaking, but people have been hesitant to schedule an event because of what's going on. But then I started this thing by a gentleman named Andy for Sella, he has this what he calls a live hard program. And he has what is called 75 Hard which is done over 75 days. And then he has a few different phases. So the phase that I'm on right now is called phase one. And just to give you some context, the things that you need to do are 245 minute workouts a day one of which needs to be outside, take a progress picture. So you can see the changes that are going on read 10 pages of a book, drink a gallon of water, follow a diet, no cheat meals, no alcohol, five minute cold shower, eight powerless critical tasks, like follow up with folks call folks wake up at a certain time, things like that. But the one that I'm getting to now is 10 minutes of dedicated visualization. Now what I've done for the visualization, and I'm literally only on day 10 right now. So this is this is wild. So I'm on day 10 right now. And what I've been doing for visualization is to just sit there and try and visualize I can do that for a period of time, but I tend to get distracted. So I've been doing like guided visualizations, as like a crutch to begin with. And the visualization that I'm doing right now is on an audio book that's all about visualizing financial success. And it's funny because there's been folks who are there is a phone company who we had a speaking gig four months ago. And we talked about the coaching engagement. And you know, they've been busy and kicking the can down the road, which I get right people are busy. But yesterday, we literally had the conversation and they signed on the dotted line for a five figure, you know, coaching deal. And then in addition to that, one of our strategic partners that we're going to be partnering with called me yesterday and said that they have this massive opportunity with this company that has you know, three or 4000 advisors and they spoke with the CEO and it's a go to start a pilot program. So it's just crazy to me how all that draw it over the past couple months, so to speak, and then you're 10 days into visualization. And I wasn't visualizing any of those things happening, but it's it's always wild to me when I do that stuff. Again, I kick myself in the butt forever stopping it. So I'm very much in my development process, but it's always wild to me how timely things are that seem unrelated that are directly related to what you're visualizing. Yeah,


Bob Doyle  40:01

yeah, interesting. And that's, that's a good story that you talked about. And I also wanted to just really underline some of that around the visualization and how it because, again, sometimes it occurs like magic, because like, it may not look like you did anything in particular, like a direct thing to get something to happen, like you can't see the direct cause and effect. So it seems somewhat magical. But here's the thing, when you're changing your core who you're being, it's not just those overt big actions you take in life, it is little tiny things like micro expressions in your face, your body language, how you use every part of you, whether you're saying anything, or doing anything, you carry yourself different, and that has an impact. So it's like, you don't have to just spend a bunch of time trying to figure out well, how will visualization make it work, just trust me, there's a biological, physical reason that results change as a result of your visualization. It's not magic, it's your brain is changing. You're processing information differently, you've given yourself new possibilities of ways to think and feel because you're creating something out of nothing with your visualization, you rehearse it, and then you take this action, you get different results. And even if it's not this bold action, I'm telling you, body language is amazing. The difference between setting up when you're talking to somebody and sitting like this, they hear you differently. So that inner stuff that's invisible, that inner wiring that comes from 10 minutes of freaking visualization a day will absolutely and logically translate into real world results.


David DeCelle  41:28

I love it. So I know that you help folks with this, as we've kind of alluded to, so if someone's listened to this, and I hope it's everyone who is excited and ready to go and may not want to take the journey on their own, but was shared in this podcast, but wants additional resources or additional help. Where can they find you? Where do you want to drive folks from this episode over to you to be able to help them?


Bob Doyle  41:53

Yes, well, the best way is to take that quiz. Because first it sets them up mentally, and they know where they're at from the quiz, they're going to be invited to our balanced living challenge. And that is what I do. That is how I help people transform. You know, yes, there's coaching as they're speaking. But this is the main thing, I don't have a bunch of digital program floating around out there. Because I know what happens with those. This is an interactive everyday, you've got me weekly q&a, I'm there every day, you get content every day, and you know, every day, what action to take, much like your 75 hard you know what to do, there's no question. And there's great comfort and freedom in that too. Like, I'm not going to waver and I know that if I do these things, I'm going to get the result. But our system, the challenge system also gives you points for taking action. And that's just a little thing, you know, but your brain loves a checkmark and a sound and all of those things, and you earn points to gain access to other things. And so all of that is there. But the gist of it is we put everything into this program on a daily basis that we know from 20 years of doing this, what is going to ultimately result in you rewiring your brain and we take out all the woowoo stuff or any of that there's no leaps of faith you have to take. And that was a big part of it is so many so much time spent trying to understand slash believe the Law of Attraction completely unnecessary. It's mentioned the law of attraction as being in the background and happening on autopilot as a result of what you're doing. But that's it. And again, there's not we don't bog down with tons of brain science, you can find that anywhere. We this is the work this is getting in there and doing it with community support and lots of great energy around you have a very daily supportive and active community where we all help each other and we've got the again, the weekly coaching, just all those pieces and the tools you need for when that emotion comes up and you're flooded with the chemicals you go, I just can't take another action right now. Because you're so flooded with chemically based emotion, we've got a whole set of tools that will help you in those moments override that. And that's huge, because that's what stops most people. The chemistry in our body is really super powerful. We can override it, but it takes a good bit and it takes practice just like everything else. So we're here to give you this space to rewire in a super supportive environment with all the tools I know that you need and the daily practices to make it happen. And I'm telling you that since I started doing it this way, we're talking about people recognizing results in a couple of days. Because once you recognize your behavior and have a choice ready to make you can get different results in your life almost freakin instantly. And that is so much better than taking two weeks to build your vision board first. So where can they find that? Is that the same go to TPT quiz.com Okay, and they'll also get in at the lowest possible investment if they go through the quiz. There's a main site I say and they're just better setup for it because they now they know their starting point. So it's just that's that's the way to get in there. Now in general I'm Meet Bob Doyle, calm and you can find out all the different things that I'm up to out in the world but in terms of helping you and you know, there's a link to the quiz there as well but in terms of helping you rewire and getting you going with a quickly that's the quiz into the boundless living Challenge is a way to go and


David DeCelle  44:59

as long book recommendations on your website that I see right here as well. So check that stuff out too. And if you would like to connect with me, feel free to just Google my name David de sel, D, C, E LL. E, you'll see all my social links on there. I would say the platform I'm most active on his Instagram, which is add David underscore de sel, but Bob, this was super helpful. It this was a combination of confirmation with some of the stuff that I've been doing with also a friendly kick in the butt to be much more consistent than I have been. So I'm grateful that you joined the show, and I hope to stay in touch beyond this episode. So thank you very much, and hope to see you soon.


Bob Doyle  45:39

Thank you very much.