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3 Steps to Conquering Information Overload and Taking Action

SUMMARY: Consuming content isn’t inherently harmful, but many advisors fall into the time-wasting trap of consuming content just for the sake of doing it. The solution is to develop a plan for maximizing the value each piece of content offers you — and taking action on the information you learn. Society produces more content than […]

08.26.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments
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How to Create an Amazing Team at Your Firm

SUMMARY: Most independent advisors reach a point where they have to hire team members to keep growing and avoid burnout, usually when they realize that they are spending too much time on tasks that aren’t their core service. By getting buy-in from your existing team and by asking the right questions of candidates, you can […]

08.06.21 | David DeCelle | 0 Comments

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