EP 128 | Becoming a Better Human Every Day with Joe Templin Part I

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Joe Templin is the Human Kaizen Expert, dedicated to making individuals and organizations better. He is the co-founder and President of The Intro Machine, a learning ecosystem and training environment that helps individuals build and grow an introduction-based business. Before co-founding The Intro Machine, Joe served as the Managing Director of The Unique Minds Consulting Group and the CEO of the Lamp of Castle Holdings, Inc. He is also a former director at Northwestern Mutual. His book, Every Day Excellence, outlines the process of making daily investments toward personal improvement and development. In addition to his work at the Intro Machine, Joe serves as a board member of the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region, New York.

Joe joins me today to discuss why becoming a better human translates to better business. He reveals the most important skill entrepreneurs need to have in the early stages of their business and explains his “be more, sell more” philosophy. He describes how the lessons he learned from studying martial arts have helped him become a better financial advisor and why we all need to do difficult things every day. Joe also highlights why saying “next” is an essential skill for financial advisors to learn and underscores how having an attitude of gratitude positively informs one’s ability to do good business.

“Having a more altruistic attitude, in general, translates into better production. It’s capitalistic karma: the more you help others, it reflects and comes back to you.” – Joe Templin

This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • What “kaizen” means and its application to human development
  • Joe’s journey from applied physics to financial services
  • How being a better human naturally builds more business
  • The relationship between commitment, consistency, and confidence
  • Five good things to do on a daily basis
  • Living with no regrets and the Stoic philosophy
  • How to be a better human every day
  • The art of goal planning, reaching for the stars, and setting and achieving big, audacious goals
  • Giving others the gift of a smile and a kind word
  • How good and bad habits compound
  • Why the word “just” puts us on a slippery, downward slope of professional pride
  • Holding yourself to the highest possible standards consistently
  • The “Trust Factor” equation

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Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Trust is based on the accumulation of positive experiences someone has with you.” – David DeCelle
  • “Convenience kills. Four or five times a day you need to do the harder thing; avoiding difficult things compounds.” – Joe Templin
  • “Your confidence skyrockets when you do something that you, deep down, didn’t want to do—it builds a certain level of resilience that makes you think you can do anything.” – David DeCelle

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