EP 133 | The Future of Financial Advisory: AI, Automation, and Growth Strategies with Daleele Alison

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Daleele Alison is a technology professional and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of RooksDM, a technology consulting group that helps alleviate pain points for small to midsize companies by using the right technology. Daleele has worked as a consultant, business analyst, and project manager for Fortune 500 companies to SMBs.

In this episode, David interviews Daleele Alison, the President of RooksDM, a tech company that helps businesses streamline their processes using technology. They discuss how RooksDM assists financial advisors in improving their efficiency through automation. Daleele shares some examples of their automation solutions, such as using online forms to collect data from clients, automating the scheduling of client meetings, and using AI to extract data from documents. They also talk about the importance of standardizing document management across firms and how implementing technology can significantly impact a business’s value and growth. 

“Broadly, we serve professional services, so any service based company, we can help service. And the main reason for that, and it kind of ties into one of our philosophies. We’re process first, technology second.” – Daleele Alison

This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Introductions and welcome.
  • How Daleele got into the tech space
  • Automate the non-client-facing aspects of your business.
  • Automation of calendar links.
  • Leveraging data from multiple sources.
  • Leveraging workflow automation for onboarding.
  • Automation of renaming files.
  • How do you leverage intangible assets to drive value?
  • The importance of ai and tech.
  • Traction or rocket fuel.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “So we can leverage some automations using email. So in that specific scenario, for example, is, hey, you’re still collecting the documents and the data via email, we’re just leveraging workflow behind the scenes to help route what happens once the email is received.” – Daleele Alison
  • “So sometimes what we see is, and we’re all guilty of this of, hey, technology can help me solve this problem. And we just throw some tech at it, and it’ll be magically solved. And that’s not the case.” – Daleele Alison
  • “I know, at least for me, and some of the advisors I work with, the tech side of the business can be fairly overwhelming.” – David DeCelle
  • “Yeah, so few different things. One simple one is leveraging online forms to collect data. So a lot of data is still being captured, may we consider it manually through email.” – Daleele Alison
  • “Advisors want to impact folks. They want unlimited potential for their income, and they want independence in their calendar.” – David DeCelle

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