EP 143 | Cracking the Code: Marketing Strategies That Actually Work for Financial Advisors with Kristen Luke

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Today we are joined by Kristen Luke, the President of Kaleido Creative Studio and Author of “Uncomparable: The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Standing Out Through Niche Marketing”.

In this episode of the Model FA Podcast, we are joined by Kristen Luke to discuss effective marketing strategies for financial advisors. We emphasize the importance of finding a niche, understanding where clients spend their time, and creating content in multiple formats to meet client needs. Advisors are encouraged to start with one consistent marketing activity and build their expertise over time by regularly producing high-value content. We stress treating marketing as an ecosystem rather than a funnel, with the goal of becoming a trusted resource in one’s industry niche.

“I put less emphasis on social media than I think a lot of people do. It is a good way to keep your name out there once you’re connected to people. But you know, if I wanted to bring in clients quickly, I would focus on, how do I leverage other people’s networks to get in front of them?” – Kristen Luke

This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Marketing strategies for a specific niche.
  • Marketing strategies for advisors with limited time.
  • Content creation for financial advisors.
  • Marketing strategies for financial advisors.
  • Positioning oneself as an expert in a niche through content creation and marketing strategies.

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