EP 144 | Stop Living in Fear: 3 Ways Advisors Can Take Risks Without Failure with John Prendergast

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John Prendergast, Founder & CEO of Blueleaf and Co-host of the Augmented Advisor Podcast joins us for episode 144 of the Model FA Podcast!

John Prendergast, founder and CEO of Blueleaf joins us to discuss how advisors can engage clients through 52 personalized touch points per year without being annoying. John explains how Blueleaf’s technology helps automate interactions to free up time for human moments. We chat about striking a balance between service and experience models. John stresses facing fears like asking for feedback to innovate. David shares a story of getting 15 glowing reviews overnight. Throughout, they emphasize treating AI like an intern to enhance workflows without replacing human judgment. Overall, the episode provides insights into deepening client relationships through frequent personalized engagement.

“I think you’re creating an opportunity for a lot of small touchpoints, with your clients that start to educate them about their money, and the way it changes over time.” – John Prendergast

This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Introducing John Prendergast, founder and CEO fo Blueleaf
  • Client engagement and AI in financial advising.
  • The importance of experience in financial planning.
  • Personalized financial updates and their impact on client trust.
  • Personalized financial planning and automation.
  • Personalizing client interactions for financial advisors.
  • Client reviews and their impact on financial advisors.
  • Overcoming fear and innovating in business and financial services.
  • Taking bold actions, learning from failures, and deepening client relationships.
  • AI use in financial advisor marketing and content generation.
  • Storytelling and AI in advisor-client interactions.

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