EP 99 | Smashing Fear for Transformational Change with Michael Ivanov

07.27.22 | 0 Market Scale

Michael Ivanov is a motivational speaker and the Founder of Speaklife365. He is the best-selling author of The Servant with One Talent, The Traveler’s Secret, and The Mount of Olives—which combines courage, faith, and wisdom to share an inspiring tale of self-discovery. Michael is committed to helping leaders, teams, and influencers connect with their most powerful selves and create transformational change in peoples’ lives. 

Michael joins us today to discuss how you can smash your fears and limitations for a fulfilling life. He explains how he began his career in public speaking despite dropping his college speech class. He explains why motivation and inspiration need to be quickly followed by action. He describes how anyone can build momentum. He also highlights the importance of taking ownership of life’s challenges and underscores the value of service to others. 

“The more you train yourself to take action the minute you’re inspired, the easier it becomes for you to overcome fear, procrastination, and laziness.” – Michael Ivanov 

This week on The Model FA Podcast: 

        Michael’s background and what led him to public speaking

        The importance of putting inspiration into action

        Why building momentum is better than motivation

        Taking ownership of challenges and obstacles in life

        How your words create your world

        The value of giving back and serving others

        Why caring for others is the best way to market your business


Resources Mentioned: 

        Book: Conversations: How to Manage Your Business Relationships One Conversation at a Time by Ivan Farber

        Book: The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

        Book: A Better Way to Live: Og Mandino’s Own Personal Story of Success by Og Mandino

        Book: Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink

        Book: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Our Favorite Quotes: 

        “Motivation dissipates over time until you get that next hit, but taking that big thing in front of you and breaking it down into tiny pieces will create the momentum that’s going to move you forward.” – David DeCelle

        “You need to be okay with being silly and weird and doing things that other people aren’t doing if you want to live a life most other people aren’t living.” – David DeCelle

        “If you control everything that you can control and make the right decisions, the things you can’t control will take care of themselves eventually.” – Michael Ivanov


Connect with Michael Ivanov: 


        Book: The Mount of Olives: 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life

        Book: The Traveler’s Secret: Ancient Proverbs for Better Living

        Book: The Servant with One Talent: Five Success Principles from the Greatest Parable Ever Told

        Michael Ivanov on LinkedIn

        Michael Ivanov on Instagram

        Michael Ivanov on Facebook

        Michael Ivanov on YouTube


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