EP 101 | Practice Management Optimization with Greg Bishop

08.10.22 | 0 Market Scale

Greg Bishop is the Founder and Managing Partner of Poterus Consulting. After several years of working in the financial services industry, Greg created Poterus Consulting as a platform where financial advisors, producer groups, and financial firms could increase their productivity exponentially. Before founding Poterus, Greg served as the Director of Business Development at Compass Total Benefit Solutions. He had also previously worked as the Chief Marketing Officer of QuietStream Financial and the Director of Practice Management at Consolidated Planning Inc. Greg holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Muskie School of Public Service, and completed his Bachelor’s in Political Science at the University of Southern Maine. 

Greg joins me today to discuss the roles of vision and mission in optimizing practice management. He recounts his journey toward founding his consulting firm and outlines the seven stages of his practice management optimization program. He also describes how business owners can develop powerful visions and mission statements and underscores how accountability helps manifest a company’s vision. 

“Everything starts with a vision and its crystallization. You can’t talk about marketing programs or business financials if you don’t know what the vision is.” – Greg Bishop 

This week on The Model FA Podcast: 

        Greg’s background and his journey toward starting his consulting firm

        Why the cookie-cutter marketing strategies of large firms don’t always work

        The importance of picking a niche and communicating it

        Creating a client journey map

        Why practice management optimization needs to begin with a vision

        How to put together a vision statement for your business

        Why Greg doesn’t spend a lot of time developing five-year plans with his clients

        The power of visualization

        Being accountable to manifest your business vision into reality

        How being accountable can help with time management

        Using Greg’s “Time Shocker” technique to manage your time and be accountable

        How often entrepreneurs should view their business finances

        Why business plans and marketing plans should come hand-in-hand


Resources Mentioned: 

        Book: Face Values: How to Read People and Adjust Your Presentation to Connect with Them in Less Than Three Minutes by Michael Lovas and Pamela Holloway


Our Favorite Quotes: 

        “If you’re going to write a vision statement, don’t keep it to yourself. Sharing it with others gives them the opportunity to help you get there.” – David DeCelle

        “Accountability is something you either love or dread and is one of the most impactful areas of your business.” – David DeCelle

        “If the vision is the emerald city in the distance, the mission statement articulates what the paving stones are in that yellow brick road that get us there.” – Greg Bishop


Connect with Greg Bishop: 

        Poterus Consulting

        Poterus Consulting on LinkedIn

        Greg Bishop on LinkedIn

        Email: [email protected]


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