EP 108 | Building Legacies beyond Finances with Blake Brewer

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Blake Brewer is the founder of the Legacy Letter Challenge, which helps parents create a lasting legacy beyond finances for their children and partners with financial advisors to help them become trusted partners in their clients’ lives. Blake has created a 10-step online program in the Legacy Letter Challenge to help parents create well-written, meaningful, and lasting letters that their children will cherish. Before founding the Legacy Letter Challenge, he worked for over 12 years as a campus director for the non-profit, Student Mobilization. Blake holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Arkansas.

Blake joins us today to share how his father inspired him to help parents create legacies for their children. He discusses the power of words and writing letters and explains how he helps financial advisors become trusted partners in their clients’ lives. He also highlights the importance of writing Legacy Letters and describes how it’s impacting parents and their children.

“We want to help our clients to have more than financial legacies. We want to help them pass down their virtues and invest in their children.” – Blake Brewer

This week on The Model FA Podcast:

  • Blake’s story and why he’s passionate about helping parents create legacies for their children
  • The impact of having really good life insurance
  • The value of having a trusted financial advisor in your life
  • How the Legacy Letter Challenge has helped financial advisors
  • How the Legacy Letter Challenge program works for families and their financial advisors
  • The best time to give a Legacy Letter to children

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Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Sometimes, I’m not the best with spoken words. I always buy a blank card and write, because it’s difficult to articulate at the moment—and you can articulate your message differently or better in writing.” – Davi DeCelle
  • “The Legacy Letter’s impact on families is priceless and invaluable.” – David DeCelle
  • “Your children will have decisions they’ll get through. You’ll want your words to influence them and have that deeper relationship—your words can provide the confidence they need to do well.” – Blake Brewer

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